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Custom portraiture is an amazing experience and a priceless investment

If you are reading this page you’ve either received a message on social media or a “ You’ve Been Spotted” card from me! Here’s a short explanation.

As a photographer, I am often thinking of new concepts to add to my portfolio, looking to nurture my creativity.

Aside from my normal sessions and regular clients, for concept work, I am usually looking for a very specific look, so if I’ve handed you this card or you have received a message from me on social media, then it means you or your child have that look!


I am looking for real people with certain features, and that photogenic factor!

If you’re willing to give me up to an hour of your time, we can create some timeless portraits.

There is absolutely no charge to participate in this session. The session will be complimentary and my session fee will be waived. That’s right. It’s FREE! For participating, you will receive 5 digital images from the session!

Images from the photoshoot will be used for my portfolio and general marketing.

If you are interested in creating some awesome photos with me and having fun, click on the contact link and let me know! You will be required to sign a model release/session form (all clients do this).


I look forward to working with you!


Model poses in vintage jacket during fall with golden light at Utica Park in Frederick, Maryland
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